Virtual organization «Radiophysics» has been created on the initiative of the O.Ya.Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in order to allow scientists from IRE NASU, Ukrainian and foreign research institutions and universities, working in radiophysics and related areas, developing, testing and adapting to the grid environment thematic software as well as conducting scientific research and development activities that require heavy numerical calculations.
The main activities of virtual organization «Radiophysics» are:
• training and involving new grid users;
• developing, testing and adapting scientific software packages for solving the above-mentioned radiophysical problems.
VO «Radiophysics» users are supplied with Linux standard compilers and libraries, some general-purpose applied packages(e.g. Octave, etc.) as well as problem-specific software developed within VO’s projects (including the unique CAD system for high-speed design of passive microwave devices).